Precision Spindle Grinding Machine PP-A1

Precision Spindle Grinding Machine/

Spindle Grinding Machine

Model: PP-A1


- Automatic spindle grinding control.
- Extra high accuracy.
- No damage to spindle body.
- Only one setting is required for maximum convenience of operation.
- Reduce the spincle to vibrate, Exlension spindle life.
- Increase working accuracy.
- Extension cutter tool life.
*Japan/Germany/USA/Taiwan/China Patent pending.


A. Item

1.Wheel                     2.Main Set  

3.Base Set                 4.Inhaler  

5.Power                     6.Green Switch (ON) 

7.Red Switch(OFF)      8.Timer Control

9.Assist Pole

B. Main set position fixing

1. Base set (3) can be fixed on the machine platform.

2. Base set (3) can be fixed wuth assist pole (9), the assist pole (9) Can be clamped on the rice.

3. Assist pole (9) can change direction together with rice.

C. Operating Instruction

1. Equipt with wheel (1).

2. Rise the wheel (1) to the top.

3. Clamp the machine main spindle with drill, then aim it to the wheel (1) center point.

4. Lower the main spindle to the mecessary depth for grinding.

5. Attach with inhaler (4), air pressure 6Kg.

6. Attach with power (5), attach with necessary power adapter.

7. Press the green switch (6) to start grinding upward and downward.

8. Press the red switch (7) to stop grinding.

9. Grinding timer control (8).

D. Caution

1. Confirm the grinding depth.

2. Confirm if the wheel is aim the wheel center point.

3. Confirm if the base set is fixed completely.

E. Maintenance info

1. After more than 2 hours of usage, please input little amount of lubricant to the inhaler, the lubricant should be non-greasy lubricant. (For example WD-40)

2. Examine if the wheel is wore off or damaged.

F. How to operate

1. a) Rise the grinding wheel to the maximum height.

     b) Clamp the main spindle with a drill and then aim it approximately to the center of grinding wheel.

     c) Rise the main spindle to remove the drill after aiming.


2. a) Lower the

    b) Reset the computer to zero. main spindle parallel with the grinding whell.

    c) Lower the main spindle again.

     BT50(90m/m)’ BT40(60m/m) ‘ BT30(45m/m)


3. a) After setting complete, turn on the power, wind and operate The main spindle with the speed of 500RPM.

     b) Move the X axle slowly to the left, proceed the feeding action with the sense of sight and hearing to verify the grinding.



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