Vertical Machining Center

รุ่น ITK-V1600

Large High Precision Vertical Machine


(1) X axis adopt the slider move the overall structure, to ensure the precision of the X axis and rigid processing, hard track Z axis, so as to ensure the accuracy of machine tool process and rigidity.

(2) Taiwan high speed gearbox spindle 6000rpm.

(3) Taiwan famous brand disc type knife library, the capacity of 24, manipulator in knife, reliable action, tool change rapidly.

(4) Cooling system with large flow, high lift water pump, ensure that under the high speed cutting with sufficient cooling.



Model Unit ITK-V1600
Table travel (X,Y,Z) mm 1600x850x700
Table size mm 1800x800
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 5-22-150
Max. load of table kg 2000
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 200-900
Distance from spindle axis to column guideway mm 880
Rapid feed speed m/min 15,15,12
Feed speed mm/min 1-8000
Taper of spindle   BT50
Spindle speed range rpm 40-6000
Spindle motor power kw SERO15/18.51
Tool magazine capabillity qty 24
Max weight of tool kg 15
Max dimension of tool mm ∅ 200 x 300
Positioning accuracy mm ± 0.02
Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Min. Time of tool change sec 3
Overall dimension mm 4400x3400x3200
Machine weight kg 13000



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