ART-4050F 4AXIS 1.5m CNC Foam Router

Working area 4000mm x 5000m x 2000mm,HSD 6kw HSD spindle 4 AXIS , Square steel welding bed, Japanese Yaskawa servo motors and drivers, with Japan Shimpho reducer,Taiwan delta Inverter ,Taiwan Hiwin/PMI square rail 30mm , Iron sink, Separate cabinet, , dust proof , steel panel bed with magnet ,dust collector double bag, Taiwan Syntec Controller 6MB 4 AXIS ,the frame will be milling by the 5 axis 

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 Model  ART-4050F   cnc router Machine
 X,Y,Z Working area  6 KW HSD air cooling imported from Italy 
 Spindle speed  18000rpm/min
 Inverter  delta inverter from Taiwan
 Table structure  Iron 
 Frame  Steel square tubes big and heavy
 Transmission type  XY-rack pinion,Z-ball screw
 Max.traveling speed  50000mm/min
 Max.working speed  20000mm/min
 Motor  YASKAWA servo motor 1.3kw
 Driver  YASKAWA driver
 Gear reducer   Shimpho from Japan
 Command language  G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
 Working voltage  380v/ 3 phase /50 hertz
 Balance  Pneumatic balance cylinder
 Control system  Taiwan syntec controller
 Software  Powermill ,Jdpaint ,Artcam 
 Collect  ER32
 Net weight  3200kgs
 Gross weight  3300KGS 
 Spare parts 

Tools ,10 sets wood and 10 sets advertising tools ,

 Limits sensor 3 sets ,3 pieces foam tools

Main parts 

1. Spindle Spindle power: 6KW/ Type: HSD air cooling from Italy 4 axis . More than 180 degree
2. 5axis milling the body , to make sure the precision Hardening Aging treatment to make sure the rigidness
3. Inverter  power: 7.5kw Delta Inverter from Taiwan 
4.Japanese Yaskawa servo Motors . 1.3kw
5. Yaskawa servo motor and drviers from Japan 
6.Shimpo reducer Made in Japan
7. Electric Clear and simple Easy for check whet it something wrong happens
8.Transmission X,Y-rack gear; Z-ball screw(Germany) Ball screw transmission: TBI brand, very durable,high precision,large load bearing and stable running.
9. square rail and linear ball bearing 30mm hiwin taiwan Linear square and stocks :imported from Taiwan HIWIN/PMI brand works with high durability, stability and precision.
10. Controller  Syntec controller from Taiwan Syntec 6MB 4 axis controller
11.Table option 

  • Aluminum table(T-slot) Fix the foam by clamps
  • steel panel +magnet . Fix the foam by magnets ,it is more easier and convenient .
12. Tool sensor Yes , to set the tool easily 
13. Limited switch Imported OMRON limited switch
14. Auto Oil lubrication  system To lubricate linear square/round guide  carriage,which make the machine maintenance easier.
15. EMI Filter The filter provide advanced antidisturbance capabilities
16. dust proof To protect the rails without foam dirty 
17.The tool box and file bag The tool box include all the tools to adjust machine.such as Clamp ,spanner, Tool bits ,Cable,Limit,Manual,screw etc. 
18.balance cylinder Pneumatic balance cylinder.
19.Clamps Fix the materials on table
20.Tool collect(ER25) 1 set
21.Foam tools 100-200mm long tools for milling foam . If you need others size, we can help you make it
22. dust collector Yes, with double bag model .
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