Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotter



Model 880/980/1180/1380/1680
Maximum Cutting 72/82/102/122/152 cm
Speed 50-800 mm/s
Power Supply Bult-in 90 to 260V
Maximum Media 85/95/115/135/165 cm
Pressure 50-500g
Capabity Memory 1m
Interface RS232,USB


- Extra large English LCD display screen, fully adjustable.
- Internal stabilizing power supply, ensuring steady performance.
- Stable main board that works even under the circumstance of 180 to 250V.
- Unique electric circuit design, working without interfered by voltage fluctuation.
Precise rollers ensure smooth paper feeding and running.
- Big 1M memory capacity (option 4M) with rapid data copy.
- Adjustable blade pressure and blade soft landing.
- Fully adjustable: cutting speed, blade pressure, cutting point can be adjusted during work .
- Emergency switch which makes this cutting plotter safer to use.
- Low noise, smooth cutting of straight and curve line.
- USB interface.


- Shapes ( letters, images, logos),information panels, totems, advertising panels,etc

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